My First Trip of Fedora Project to FudCon Beijing, China

That was a very excited moment I could not describe enough here, when I got an email from our FudCon’s organizers that I got sponsored to join the FudCon Beijing as my first trip of Fedora Project since I become a Fedora Ambassador in mid March 2014. I have contributed and promoted Fedora since then.

My flight was on 22 May 2014 at 11:25 by Dragon Air, which depart in Phnom Penh International Airport to Hong Kong International Airport at 15:00. Connecting flight operated by Cathay Airline from Hong Kong to Beijing Terminal 3 at 17:00 and I arrived 20:25 on the same day.



It was a bit late and I have to take Airport Express from the Terminal 3 to Subway Line 10 from the airport to XITUCHENG. It took me around 1 hour and half, because I was taken the wrong train. Finally, I was exited in Exit B, and I was lost in Beijing for about another an hour. Only few percentages of Chinese people speak English, so it was a nightmare for me to look for Beihang University (New Main Building), but almost mid-night on the same day, I managed to reach the Beihang Training Center Hotel.


I was very tired for getting lost in Beijing, but the first person I met was Zamir Sun. Really excited to see him and my roommate was Nitesh Narayan Lal. He was a good roommate, because we shared a lot things while we were in same room and we went out together.



As the first day of FudCon Beijing on 23 May 2014 was nothing beside the FudPub in the evening, so we went around the city to oversee and bought some gifts back home for our colleagues and friends.

At FudPub, it was a great moment because I have made a lot of friends with other Fedora Ambassadors such as Jaroslav ReznikJiri EischmannRobert MayrAnkur SinhaAditya Patawari, Alick, Zamir and other Ambassadors from Indonesia community. We have a great dinner with TsingTao beers.



The conference started at 9 AM on 24 May 2014. I have attended the opening remark by Jaroslav Reznik and Jiri Eischmann, in the Main Hall Room with GNOME people. After that, we moved to conference room 08 to listen to nitesh narayan lal to talk on Fedora Video. The presentation is to let Fedora users know how to create video even more easier. After his session, Fedora website, present and future were presented by Robert Mayr. He told how can we get involved and localized the Fedora Project website in our local languages.

In the afternoon session, Zamir SUN was introduced FirewallD. I have learned FirewallD is better than iptables, because FirewallD is dynamic and iptables is static. I also attended in the presentation of Martin Bähr of the Re-rolling Fedora with Conary.

Do you know what is Conary? Below is the answer, which I took from wikipedia, because they give a better definition than I do.

Conary is a free software package management system created by rPath (now SAS) and distributed under the terms of theApache License Version 2.0.[2] It focuses on installing packages through automated dependency resolution against distributed online repositories, and providing a concise and easy-to-use Python-based description language to specify how to build a package. It is used by Foresight Linux and rPath Linux.

That’s for the Day 1 conference and we headed a bit far from the conference place to have a dinner, of course local food is not really good to us, so we need pizza, burger and beers. After that, we back to the hotel to relax and prepare for Day 2.


The weather was so cold, because it rained in the early morning, so we thought that was just 6 AM in the morning, Nitesh and I slept until 8:30 AM, just to realize that was raining. We rushed to take shower and headed to the conference. That was an interesting Keynote – Computing, Freedom and Privacy by Richard Matthew Stallman, but it was also suck at the end of the session, because overall keynote is about free software and open source and how you contribute to them and he started an auction at the end for his adorable toys and book. I feel like it is so much contrast being a contributor to open source and free software, but he sold what he did instead of contribution.


We had only the keynote and lightning talks in the Main hall room. After lunch, we started to have our Fedora session again, it was with Ankur Sinha, who he guided us about the GPG Signing Key. I have signed GPG key with him, a few chinese guys and Aditya Patawari.

It was sad, that my flight was so early on the day 2. It was at 20:30, so I have to leave the FudCon very early at 3PM for packing and preparing back to Cambodia. It was sad to say a quiet early goodbye to everyone, especially our Fedora Ambassadors, contributors and users in Beijing, China.

I have signed on our FudCon with the word “ខ្ញុំស្រលាញ់ Fedora” in Khmer language, which means “I Love Fedora” in the fan


I hate to say goodbye, but I have to. I hope to meet you all again soon. I am excited to attend the FudCon as one of the APAC Ambassador, because it was a good opportunity for me to learn more about Fedora Project and get to know other contributors as well.

That’s for the FudCon 2014 Beijing, China. See you next FudCon everyone!

4 thoughts on “My First Trip of Fedora Project to FudCon Beijing, China

  1. > I feel like it is so much contrast being a contributor to open source and free software, but he sold what he did instead of contribution.

    Free Software is about freedom (“free speech”), not price (“free beer”).

    The toy gnu auction is a classic, RMS apparently does this each time he gives a talk. (At least he did the 2 times he gave a talk here in Vienna, Austria.)

    • He should at least give the ones who dare to bid on, because they care nothing, but they want to read his book. Then he can sell his book in any off store but not in this public, because I feel he did the open source and free software speech just because he wants to sell his book and toy.

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