Ambassadors T-Shirt for APAC distribute during FAD Phnom Penh

As Fedora Activity Day (FAD) will be held in Phnom Penh on 14-15 November 2014 to work on the budget plan and activities for APAC Region. During the FAD, we will have our Ambassadors from most different countries in APAC, but not all the country we could support their travel. We have been working very hard to produce the Ambassadors T-Shirt for every Ambassadors in APAC.

To have this done, we need to collect t-shirt size from all of you. So please kindly go this to fill out your size as soon as possible, because we need at least 10 days to produce the t-shirt before the FAD Phnom Penh.


The overall look of the t-shirt


On the chest


On the arm

I hope everyone will take your time to fill in your size as soon as possible.

Kindly regards,

Somvannda Kong


Software Freedom Day in Hanoi

To travel to Hanoi, Vietnam from Phnom Penh, Cambodia, we have to do two flights and my first flight was flying to Vientiane, Laos. I had to wait for 1 hour to transfer to Hanoi, Vietnam. Laos (WATTAY) International Airport was small, so I did not take any picture of it. Just after I landed like you see in the below picture. I departed from Phnom Penh at 5:50PM and arrived at WATTAY International Airport at 7:15PM and left there at 8:00PM and arrived Hanoi at 9:00PM.

IMG_2786At the International Airport, it was easy entering Vietnam, because the immigration law there did not require anything complicated even a single paper. I was only asked for my passport and no questions were asked or maybe because I am Asian. I was suggested to take Jetstar bus from airport to Quang Trung street and take a taxi meter from there to the Hotel. I did take the bus, but I did not take the taxi, I took a motor taxi instead. When I took the bus, I met a Google community contributor, who she recognized my t-shirt (Barcamp Phnom Penh). She came toward me and we had a fruitful conversation during the bus. She is a Google Developer Group (GDG Hanoi) Manager. I introduced her what Fedora do to promote and contribute to open sources community. She was delighted and she appeared with us at Software Freedom Day and I spoke to Tuan, because we hoped, she will be one of the Fedora contributors in the future.


The storm hit Hanoi a few days ago, before I arrived there. On September 18, 2014, it was still rain, but I got nothing to do in the morning, so I decided to travel around. I recommended to meet with Bobby Liu, the hubber at Hub.IT. The reason behind meeting with him, because Hub.IT is now a place where start-up people usually meet and use the place as the co-working and networking space. This is a good opportunity to meet him and other community people and spread the words of Fedora. I was walking to find his place, but it was so sad, that I could not find the place.

In the evening, Sarup Banskota arrived a bit late, since he was lost. At 5PM, we decided to have an egg coffee at nearby shop and at 7PM, Tuanta and Nanthang came and picked us up to have a dinner. Alick arrived almost midnight, so he did not have dinner with us, but he joined us a for drink after dinner.


On September 19, 2014 at 7:30AM, Nangthang picked us up from Hotel to ICT Institute, the place is also free to use. We had a whole day meeting there. There were a few people attended it remotely such as Sirko Kemter (gnokii), Kurshal, FranciscoD, and a few others.

We were discussion on a few topics as the following:

  • Fedora Events and Activities in APAC in FY2015 (until Feb 2015) [done]
  • Swag/media produce and distribution in APAC [done]
  • APAC budget in FY2015 (until Feb 2015) [done]
  • Better collaborating in APAC [done]
  • Clean up Trac tickets [done]
  • Preparation for APAC FAD 2014 in PP [done]
  • FUDCon 2015 [later]
  • Reimbursement: alternative methods
  • Revise the budget plan FY2015 [done]
  • Register final additional topics at SFD [done]

For the full discussion meeting, please read through this link.


During the discussion, I produced the wrong Polo T-shirt for Ambassadors. I will go back to the vendor to check if they could correct the mistake or not. According to the t-shirt quality, it less cotton, so the t-shirt was actually too thick for APAC Ambassadors, since the weather in APAC mostly hot. Alick will check for a better t-shirt in Beijing to see if we had a better quality t-shirt. T-shirt is one of the big issue, because we want to deliver it to APAC Ambassadors during the FAD Phnom Penh in November 2014. Doing this way, we will save a lot of shipping costs.


On September 20, 2014, Tuanta and Nangthang were picked us up from Hotel to Software Freedom Day (SFD Hanoi) venue, somewhere about 30 minutes by Taxi from where we stayed. We departed from hotel at 7:30AM and arrived at the venue at around 8AM. At SFD Hanoi 2014, they had a welcome dancing by volunteers. In the morning, there was only keynote session and the breakout session was in the afternoon. Fedora had its own dedicated room.

Fedora booth was placed at the venue and it was in front of the registration desk. We had placed more than 50 Live DVDs, Fedora stickers and buttons. Many people visited our booth and took our swag away with the information provided by our Ambassadors.


Tuanta was given a keynote on “How can you contribute to Fedora”. In his presentation, you can always become a Fedora contributor without coding. There are many to become a successful Fedora contributor such as designer, content writer, translator and promoter.


Fedora was also received a recognition certificate during the hand-over certificate.


Lunch time was provided by the organizer, so we did not go anywhere.

During the discussion at Meetup Hanoi, Nangthang, Sarup and Alick were responsible for being speaker and I was responsible at the Booth and Installation. So in the afternoon session, Nangthang was speaking on “Introduction to Fedora”, Alick was speaking on “Free and Open Source Software Define Radio” and Sarup Banskota was speaking on general and especially he introduced people to join Internet Relay Chat (IRC) on Freenode to interact with us for more information.

After the SFD Hanoi 2014, in the evening, they organized a social and networking party. We had a good dinner there.

picture 2DAY 4

At a very early in the morning of September 21, 2014, I had to take a taxi with Sarup Banskota to the airport, since my flight was at 10AM and the from the hotel to the airport is about 1 hour by taxi. I arrived Phnom Penh at 1PM.

I had a great time in Hanoi and I would like to express my sincere thanks to Tuanta and Nangthang for their great hospitality ever in organizing the Meetup and SFD Hanoi 2014.