RPM Packaging Workshop (Fedora)

4fe4d37dA mainly technical workshop for beginners and intermediate knowledged people that would like to build a RPM package from their own software or from software they like and use. It also covers the basics and gives useful hints to avoid common mistakes and adds recommendations about optimized build environments for reproducible results. Additionally there will be a live RPM packaging demonstration for a small software including the possibility for participants for a practical exercise by packaging another small software as RPM.

Robert Scheck is a long-time Fedora volunteer and Open Source contributor living and working near Stuttgart in Germany.

In his free time, Robert is maintaining various software packages at Fedora, a leading Linux distribution, and promoting the Fedora Project as an ambassador at conferences and trade fairs. Furthermore he’s an official Fedora Mentor and supports different teams and individuals where ever needed.

The workshop will be conducted remotely from Germany on November 15, 2014 from 2pm to 8pm at Development Innovations. Use this link to register your name there, because there is only 20 seats available. Refreshment, coffee and soft-drinks will be provided at the venue.