Fedora 21 Release Party Phnom Penh

As you are all aware that Phnom Penh is the first country who had kicked off F21 Release Party and it was the first for us to organize it.

Fedora 21 Release Party was fun and fruitful event, which we had our Ambassadors from another 4 countries such as gnokii, Danishka, Tuanta, Izhar and Siddhesh. There were about 40+ people attended the release party and enjoyed our talks on the following topics:

  1. Introduction to Fedora – Somvannda
  2. Fedora.Next – Tuanta
  3. Fedora Features – Botrey Nisa
  4. How to contribute to Fedora – gnokii

Before giving a talk, we had blown our Fedora 21 Cake with 21 candles by all the Ambassadors.



IMG_0234The cake was cut and shared to all the participants.

Each Ambassador gave a talk on the topics described above. And there many questions were asked as the following:

  1. How long does Fedora providing support?
  2. Will Fedora be on Mobile?
  3. How many release does Fedora do per year?
  4. How to be in a Translation team?
  5. Is there any technical skill needed to become a Fedora contributor?
  6. etc…

Reflecting to these questions, each Fedora Ambassador attended there were responded well to audiences, and as Fedora Ambassadors for Cambodia, Botrey nisa and somvannda will step another step to enlarge the Fedora community and get more contributors regarding our mission is to lead the advancement of open source and freedom.

After the talks, we had a group photos with all the Ambassadors and audiences, especially, Greta Greathouse who had helped us on moral, motivation and budget support to have our party gone smooth.

10733719_10205352153751224_9128108052074413462_oThen we had a great party afterward.